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NB-IoT volumetric water meter,simple operation, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, residents especially suitable for wireless remote meter control system.
The water meter measures and stores the water consumption of the user, and uploads it to the management software through NB-IoT network. The management software can check the accumulated water amount, battery status, working status and other information of the water meter.

Technical Parameter
Caliber(DN) : 15mm
Measuring Range(Q3/Q1) : 200
Overload Flow Rate(Q4) : 3.125 m3/h
Permanent Flow Rate(Q3) : 2.5m3/h
Transitional Flow Rate(Q2) : 0.02m3/h
Minimum Flow(Q1) : 0.0125m3/h
Max admissible error : Q1≤Q<Q2 error≤±5%;Q2≤Q≤Q4 error≤±2%
Minimum Reading : 0.0001 m³
Maximum Reading : 99999.9999 m³
LCD Display Accuracy : 0.001 m³
Communication Mode : NB-IoT and Infrared Communications
Data Storage : Store the daily usage data of the last 6 months and the usage data of the last 24 months
Alarm Status : Low voltage alarm, flow overload alarm, reverse flow alarm, low continuous flow alarm, high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, vibration and tilt alarm
Working Temperature : 0.1℃~30℃
Battery : 3.6V Lithium Battery
Max admissible working pressure : 1.0MPa
Maximum pressure loss : Δp63
Flow section sensitivity level : U10,D5
Environment safe class : B
EMC level : E1
Relative Humidity : 5%~100%
Ambient Temperature Range : 5℃~55℃
Working Current : ≤20μA(quiescent current)/≤60mA (Communication status current)

Untuk Customized Development Silahkan Hubungi KAMI,.
Communication mode : LoRaWAN,NB-IoT
Module : GPRS ( Default ) NB-IoT / LoRawan
Type : Gas Meter and Water Meter

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