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NB-IoT ultrasonic water meter is used for measuring water flow rate in the pipe. which send meter data to server via wireless NB-IoT network.

NB-IoT ultrasonic water meter is used for measuring water flow rate through pipe via wireless NB-IoT network upload water consumption
The whole NB-IoT ultrasonic meter reading system consists of ultrasonic water meter, and monitoring management software. The management center can read and monitor water meter accumulated water consumption, instantaneous water flowrate info by NB-IoT network directly.
NB-IoT water meter can configure 3 days to upload for each month, and in these three days, each day can set 2 time periods to bring device online, and the user can configure time according to the need. During online time, management center can read real-time accumulated water consumption

Caliber(DN) : 15mm ; 20 mm ; 25mm
Overload Flow Rate (Q4) : 3.125 m3/h ; 5 m3/h ; 7.875 m3/h
Common Flow Rate (Q3) : 2.5 m3/h ; 4 m3/h ; 6.3 m3/h
Transitional Flow Rate (Q2) : 0.025 m3/h ; 0.040 m3/h ; 0.063 m3/h
Minimum Flow Rate (Q1) : 0.0156 m3/h ; 0.025 m3/h ; 0.0394 m3/h
Measurement Range (Q3/Q1) : 160, 250
Working Pressure Range : 0.03~1.6MPa
Level of Pressure Loss : Δp63
Flow Profile Sensitivity Level : U10,D5
Working Temperature : T30 (water temperature 0.1 ℃~ 30 ℃)
Environment Safe Class : B
EMC Level : E1
IP Degree : IP68
Accuracy Level : Class 2
Button : Photosensitive button
LCD Display : 8 digits with prompt
Minimum Reading : Normal working status
Meter inspection status : 0.001m3 ; 0.00001m3
Working Status Indicator : Ordinary display: forward cumulative flow, reverse cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, signal strength
Display after press button: Meter ID, time, IMEI code, CCID code, water temperature, version number
Communication Method : NB communication; infrared communication
Communication Frequency : B3:1800Mhz B8:900MHz B20:800MHz B5:850Mhz
Relative Humidity : 5%~100%
Maximum Allowable Error : Q1≤Q<Q2 Error≤±5%;Q2≤Q≤Q4 Error≤±2%
Working Current : Without valve control: ≤ 30µA (static current); ≤ 60µA (current during communication)
With valve control: ≤ 10µA (static current); ≤ 60µA (current during communication)
Battery : 3.6V disposable lithium batteries
Material of Base Meter : Brass

Untuk Customized Development Silahkan Hubungi KAMI,.
Communication mode : LoRaWAN,NB-IoT
Module : GPRS ( Default ) NB-IoT / LoRawan
Type : Gas Meter and Water Meter

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