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Industrial Ultrasonic Water Meter Rs 485

Industrial Ultrasonic Water Meter Rs 485
Model : SCL-61D2

1. The meter is multi-channel design. Highest possible in measuring accuracy under various pipe flow conditions.
2. Without mechanical moving parts.
3. Highly sensitive to a minimal starting flow rate. A flow rate as low as 0.002m/s can be precisely measured.
4. Measuring cycle is once per second and the power consumption 0.5mW.
5. Battery-powered. Battery life is over 10 years.
6. High in reliability and anti-magnetic interference.
7. The meter provides Photoelectric, RS-485 output interfaces
8. CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates.
9. The Protection class is IP68.
10. Series DN50~DN300, mm

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Product Datasheet SCL-61D2
Accuracy Class : 2
Nominal Diameter,mm : DN50~DN300
Medium : Full pipe flow of water, Sewage or other homogeneous fluids
Range of Pressure loss : p10
Max. Permissible working Pressure : 1.6Mpa (DN200: standard value 1.0Mpa)
Working Environment : Temperature: -25~+55; RH 100% (If the limit is exceeded, please specify when ordering)
Temperature range : T30, T50, T70, default:T30
Sensitivity Class of Upstream Flow Field : U5
Sensitivity Class of Downstream Flow Field : D3
Climate & Mechanical Environment Conditions : C
Class of Electromagnetic Compatibility : E2
Keyboard : Magnetic induction keys
Display : LCD 8 digital+prompting characters, Word height: 8.5mm
Content of display : Instantaneous flow ate: m/h; Cumulative flow rate: m; Total effective running time: h; Date: y/m/d; Clock: h/m/s
Range of display : Cumulative flow rate: -9999999.9m~+99999.999m , Instantaneous flow ate: -999999.99m/h~+999999.99m/h
Type of Communication : Photoelectric interface Baud rate: 2400bps, Protocol: EN13757, RS-485 Baud rate: 2400bps (default), 4800bps

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