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NB-IoT+HAC08 AMR Module is integrated by two chips,which supports both NB-IoT and FSK communication mode.The module automatically switch in case of there is NB-IoT dead spots,solving problem of blind zone thoroughly.

Product details
Eight Core Functional Features:

1)NB-IoT/FSK module fixes the blind zone of NB-IoT signal

Designed as the NB-IoT backup channel,FSK channel targets for real-time downlink and valve control between handheld unit and mini base station,guaranteeing the success rate of NB-IoT meter reading and real-time valve control.

2)Flexible selection of parameters setting modes

In addition to the communication,FSK has the assistant functions such as parameter settings and system upgrades,which are useful for system application.The FSK channel is,by default,enabled on HAC-NBW system,when NB-IoT signal is poor in an area,the FSK channel of end-devices can automatically switch to listening mode and send the meter reading data.For turning off this function,three ways including FSK,site settings and NB-IoT remote control can be used.Moreover,site settings and NB-IoT remote control can be applied to turn on the FSK channel again.

3)High Security of parameter setting
The infrared setting mode is widely used for consumer products such as air conditioner,targeting low rate and simple encoding.Its protocal code is in open licensable formats and is easy to encode.If the base number of meter and measure unit is tampered,it will influence the accuracy of data measuring and charges,resulting in serious consequences.The HAC08 FSK chip utilizes powerful encryption code,which is difficult for a professional to decode,each user’s device has a unique customer number so that its data connot be disturbed and maliciously damaged by other users.

4)Easy parameters setting
When FSK wireless channel is on,meter parameters can be set by the FSK channel with longer transmit range compared to infrared and Bluetooth,what’s more,FSK has no directional problem like the infrared,so it is not easily restricted by the meter cover.Becasue the Bluetooth or infrared is normally off in the device,contact switch is required for on-site operations like parameter settings,software upgrades of valve open,however,the HAC-NBW utilized in the FSK channel can achieve it without a presence of technical personnel.

5)High-speed remote upgrade
The rate of FSK is 19.2kbps and the communication range is 2KM.It can replace the functions of infrared setting,achieving the field upgrade program without entering user’s home,which costs only one-tenth time of the infrared upgrade.

6)Low cost and superior performance of FSK
HAC08 FSK chip is designed independently by HAC,featuring long distance,high speed,low power consumption and low price.The chip directly integrates the patent technology of HAC Pseudo-cyclic Dynamic Code Wake-up Method,which improves product integration,reliability and real-time of wake-up,by adding a FSK chip,functions like auxiliary meter reading,setup and upgrade are achieved.Meanwhile,the infrared or Bluetooth circuit is saved.

7)Low power consumption of end-devices
By using the HAC Pseudo-cyclic Dynamic Code Wake-up Method in FSK chnnel,end-devices can be quickly and accurately awakened,reporting once a day.With the ER26500 battery,it can last 8 years in dual channel communication application.When FSK channel is turned off,it does not consume energy.

8)Easy installation and deployment of low-power mini base station

FSK wireless channel utilizes patent technology of HAC Pseudo-cyclic Dynamic Code Wake-up Method,which can realize two-way wake-up between end-devices and mini base station.Operating at very low power consumption,this technology is able to make the mini base station powered by battery or solar panels.It is also characterized by compact size,low cost and convenicence for diamantling and setting.

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