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LORAWAN ultrasonic water meter measurement + control + communication main board

Measurement method : Impulse type
Anomaly alert : Abnormal fault reporting、Battery voltage alarm
Battery voltage alarm : Alarm when power is lower than 10%
Backup protection : Power is lower than 5%, backup power will start, and work continuously for 7 days
Historical data storage : Store hourly, daily, and monthly data for 90 days
Indicator light : Communication light、Trigger light
Periodic reporting : Periodic reporting data
Transportation mode : Turn off pulse, turn off communication, and maintain ultra-low power operation
Strong magnetic interference : Close valve to protection when strong magnetic interference
Wireless communication : Lorawan low frequency、high frequency

Low power consumption as low as 12-20 UA (sleep current), high cost performance, ultra-small size, high reliability (-40 To 85℃ temperature experiment), rich peripherals, close valve when strong magnetic interference

Technical parameter
Supply voltage : Main power:3.0-3.6V Backup power:3.0V
Power supply mode : Main power + Backup power
Screen display : Electronic display, magnet switch screen
Ambient temperature : -40 TO 85
External transport : NBIOT Whole network seven modes
Pulse signal : Three wires: GND S1 S2
Motor port : Positive, negative, open in place, close in place
External storage : 256K
AT settings : Pin type(4 Pin)
Indicator light : Signal light、Communication light
Communication distance : Area covered by NB signal
NBIOT communication : all netcom

Sleep current : 12-20UA
Communication current : 20MA
Protocol : Big-end mode hexadecimal
Indicator light : LED red green
Display : Digital display
Wireless communication : Lorawan low frequency、high frequency
Frequency Range : EU433,CN470,EU86,IN868,AU915,US915,AS923
Uart : Four wires
Antenna : Soft antenna
SIM card : Slot type

Untuk Kustom Silahkan Hubungi KAMI,.
Communication mode : LoRaWAN,NB-IoT
Module : NB-IoT / LoRawan
Type : Gas Meter and Water Meter

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